JOYTECH Information


– Company name: JOYTECH CO.,LTD
– Year Established: 2014
– Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory
– Main Product : Worm Gear DC motor


In 2014, Joytech was established by DC Gear Motor Specialists who worked at a total gear motor manufacturing company from 1983 to 2013. We have a high technology related to DC Gear Motor and we are available to accept a specific demand of the motor like a customized DC Gear Motor. The name of our company, Joytech, means that our products exist to make customers satisfied and feel joy.
With a specialty of DC Gear Motor, Joytech only focuses on Worm DC Gear Motor and makes motors to have the best quality. Our Worm Gear Motor has various values with competitive prices and it is being applied to a kind of damper, valve, or automatic machines in apartments constructed by big corporations in Korea. Recently, with acknowlege of our technology related to the motor, we could earn one certificate issued by Korean Intellectual Property Office. Also, we think that there will be more demands of Worm DC Gear Motor because having an automatic facility is still a trend in diverse industries.

Certificate Of Utility Model Registration

-Title of the Device : Worm DC Gear Motor for a ventilation damper
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